SingALot/Song Lists

One finds in these lists :
- the title of the complete piece as well as that of each song,
     (possibly followed by the name of the author, Gregg Jordan or J.C.B. Langer)
     * indicates that a traditional tune has been altered to produce polyphony.
     ** indicates that a more elaborate, extended version is also available.
- the rhythmic structure (binary, "2", or ternary, "3") of each level,
     from the largest to the smallest, with "/" between Level 0 and Level -1,
- the M(ode), diatonic major (M), diatonic minor (w),
     chromatic minor (m), as well as the modal diatonic minor (m-),
- which degrees of the scale are used, from the lowest (-) to the highest (+),
- the age suggested for the performers ("+" includes adults),
- the theme(s) of the piece,
- the form of the piece,
     2songs, e(volving)canon, or r(ound)canon
          in 2, 3, 4(voices), by aug(mentation) or inv(ersion),
     possibly with the addition of +Bass or +Drum.

The songs are
from the easiest
to the most
an arbitrary